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 For Newcommers

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PostSubject: For Newcommers   Sun May 06, 2012 9:12 pm

Welcome everyone to BrotherhoodWoW. It is a custom instant 80 free fun server.
And now, I would like to tell you something about our ranks.
First rank is Lower Member: You'll get this rank automatically when you'll join our Forums.
Second rank is Member: You'll get it automaticly when you'll have 20+ posts.
Third rank is Tribune: This rank is a rare special rank. It's rank for guy, who will be chosen by people from this server and he will have to write all suggestions of WHOLE server and not his own to Administrators. (There will be poll about it, when server will be released and get some population)
Fourth rank is GM: GM (known as Game Moderator) rank will be for people, that will be chosen by Staff to join it. They will have to help people ingame (-> tickets), make some events,... If you want to join the Staff and become a GM, you must make an application in section "GM Applications".
Fifth and last rank is Administrator: Administrator rank is rank for leader of our Forums and of the Staff. (There isn't any way how to become an administrator)

That's it, I hope this thread helped you to image how is it going here.
If you need anything just PM some GM or Administrator.
Have fun Smile.

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For Newcommers
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