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 Raid Event

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PostSubject: Raid Event   Sun May 06, 2012 10:49 pm

Raid Event is my own idea. As you all know, this is a custom server. Raid event is an event where 3-5 GMs will become bosses in a special area (not inside any dung / raid). There will be some trash, but the hard part will be bosses. I won't say where will it be, or how it will be, because I want it as suprise for you. I'll just say it will be like raid on retail but with much more epic effects and much harder. Everyone who participated will get rewarded after killing last boss. This event will be hosted when server will get some population. PvP isn't allowed, only things you can attack are trash mobs and GMs (bosses) and I'm saying this because the area will be FFA so it will be Horde + Alliance raid, but if you'll attack someone from opposite faction, you'll get banned.
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Raid Event
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