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 GM Application Format

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PostSubject: GM Application Format   Sat May 12, 2012 4:29 am

Note : PM'ing a Staff Member or whispering a Staff Member (ingame) regarding your GM application will make your chances of being accepted less likely.

Requirements for being a GM:
• You need to have read and agreed to the GM Rules.
• You need to have been here on the server for at least a month.
• You need to be able to use sense and reason.
• You need to act professional and not use your GM-position only for personal benefit.

When you fill your GM-application, answer the questions in this template:

0. Which realm are you applying for?

1. What's your main ingame-characters name (the character most people would recognize you by)?

2. How long have you been with us here on BrotherhoodWoW?

3. What is your age, location, and time zone?

4. How many hours do you spend on the forums each day?

5. How many hours do you spend ingame each day?

6. Have you ever played retail?

a) If answered yes; How long and as what? Feel free to link your character from wow-armory.

7. What are your current contributions to BrotherhoodWoW?

8. Have you any former Game Master experience?

a) If answered yes; Where and how long?

9. Why do you think you would be good as a GM here?

10. What languages are you fluent in?

11. Briefly discribe yourself with no more than 200 words. (Please include your first name, where you live and your personal interests)


IF you do get Denied, then please wait one month to re apply again.

- Searinox

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GM Application Format
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